St Mary & St Michael Catholic Primary

Learning together as we follow in the footsteps of Christ

Who's Who

Picture 1 Mrs H. Shepherd: Head Teacher
Picture 2 Mr A. Mercer: Deputy Head Teacher. Year 6 Teacher
Picture 3 Miss N. Loveridge: Leadership Team. Year R Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs E. Mercer: SENCo. Year 1 Teacher
Picture 5 Miss D. Youlton: Year 2 Teacher
Picture 6 Miss R. Hockey: Year 4 Teacher
Picture 7 Miss E. Browning: Year 5 Teacher
Picture 8 Mrs Le Cheminant: Class Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs M. Partington: Learning Support Assistant
Picture 10 Mrs K. Rouget: Learning Support Assistant
Picture 11 Mrs T. Donaldson: Learning Support Assistant
Picture 12 Miss K. Sheppard: Learning Support Assistant
Picture 13 Mrs S. Sykes: Administrative Assistant
Picture 14 Mr G. Hatton: Lunch Time Supervisor
Picture 15 Mrs D. Collins: Lunch Time Supervisor
Picture 16 Mr J Greenberg: Site Supervisor
Picture 17 Miss K Brown: Sports Commission Coach