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Our School's Reading Spine

From Early Years through to Year 6, a high-quality range of texts have been chosen in each year group for children to experience through either their guided reading lessons, writing lessons or Book Hooks. Each of these areas are explained in more detail below. These books have been carefully chosen to:

  • Cover a range of genres that are age appropriate to each year group
  • Satisfy the Five Plagues of Reading identified by Doug Lemov (Reading Reconsidered) which are essential in helping children successfully navigate reading with confidence
  • Enhance children’s knowledge and understanding of topics they study in foundation subjects in each year group where possible.
  • Expose children to a range of different authors.
  • Challenge children in their reading ability.


This reading spine is central to our school’s curriculum design and where possible, informs units that are studied in writing, as well as units taught in some foundation subjects such as History and Geography.