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At St Mary and St Michael Catholic Primary School, we place our children at the heart of everything we do and offer them an engaging Art curriculum where every child has the right to high quality teaching and learning opportunities that help inspire and promote a love for artistic learning. Our inclusive curriculum offers a range of opportunities for developing skills, exploring ideas, supporting talents and educating children about significant artwork and artists across history. We aim to give children the knowledge and confidence to experiment and create their own unique pieces of art. We hope for our children to appreciate art in the world around us, through all its forms. Our intent is to cover the art requirements of the Bailiwick of Guernsey Curriculum, through practical and creative experiences.


Statutory Requirements

Statutory requirements for the teaching and learning of English are laid out in the Bailiwick of Guernsey Curriculum, the English Entitlement Document (as of September 2024) and in the Development Matters document for Early Years.


Art Bailiwick Curriculum Aims

Learners should build secure knowledge of the following:

  1. How creative ideas can be developed in response to different stimuli and imaginative thinking.
  2. How different art forms communicate and evoke moods, thoughts and ideas.
  3. That designing, creating and performing require discipline, control, technique and practice.
  4. How and why people from different times and cultures have used the arts to express ideas and communicate meaning.
  5. That accepted forms and conventions can give structure and purpose to artistic works but can be adapted and changed.