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Who's Who

Picture 1 Mr Bassett is our caretaker
Picture 2 Miss Engel is our Reception teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Rouget - Learning Support Assistant - Y R
Picture 4 Mr Collins keeps the infant classrooms clean
Picture 5 Miss Browning teaches Y5
Picture 6 Mrs Le Cheminant teaches in a variety of classes
Picture 7 Mrs Harrison cleans the junior classrooms
Picture 8 Mrs Pithers - Lunch Time Supervisor
Picture 9 Mrs Greening - Lunch Time Supervisor
Picture 10 Mrs Shepherd Headteacher
Picture 11 Miss Hockey teaches in KS2
Picture 12 Miss Loveridge Y3 teacher
Picture 13 Miss Youlton: Y2 teacher
Picture 14 Mr Kilpatrick: Deputyhead & Y4
Picture 15 Mrs Donaldson: LSA - Y1 & intervention groups
Picture 16 Miss Vile teaches our Year 1 pupils
Picture 17 Mrs Partington: LSA Y2 & intervention groups