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Digital Leaders

Our Digital Leaders have many roles supporting ICT in our school.  All children in the Juniors could apply for a Digital Leader role through application letters or videos and the successful candidates now:

*Look after our ICT equipment, ensuring Ipads, Chromebooks and laptops are packed away carefully and plugged in for charging.

*Support the younger children in developing their ICT skills by helping Miss Loveridge run the Infant ICT club.  

*Offer support and help to their teachers and peers in lessons.

*Meet with Miss Loveridge once a half term to update her on what they have been using ICT for in lessons and to suggest what they would like to do in future lessons.  

Picture 1 Amy - Y3
Picture 2 Ben - Y3
Picture 3 Chloe - Y3
Picture 4 Gabriella - Y4
Picture 5 Star - Y4
Picture 6 Amelie - Y5
Picture 7 Florrie - Y5
Picture 8 Anna - Y6