St Mary & St Michael Catholic Primary

Learning together as we follow in the footsteps of Christ


Winter (after the October half term until Easter holiday)


• White shirt

• Brown school jumper

• Brown trousers or brown shorts

• School tie

• Dark socks (Grey or black)

• Black shoes (Not trainers)  



• White blouse

• Brown pinafore, skirt, trousers or shorts

• Brown cardigan or jumper

• School tie

• White, brown or black tights or socks

• Black shoes


Summer (from Easter until the October half term)


• Short sleeved white shirt with open top button without a tie

• Brown jumper

• Brown shorts

• Dark socks (Grey, black or brown)

• Black shoes (not trainers) or sandals (socks must be worn with sandals).



• Yellow/white checked dress or play suit or brown shorts with white blouse

• Brown cardigan

• White or brown socks

• Black shoes (not trainers) or sandals (socks must be worn with sandals). 


 We request that shirts do not have a velcro top button as these have proven to be unsuccessful in remaining fastened.  Top buttons must be fastened whilst the tie is worn.  Ties are available from the school office. 


Make-up, nail varnish and jewellery  

Children are not allowed to wear make-up or nail varnish to school. If they do, they will be asked to remove this at home that evening.  Ear studs are the only type of jewellery that children are permitted to wear. As stated in the Physical Education section, children must be able to remove ear studs themselves as they are not permitted to wear jewellery for any PE lesson or sport event.  Children are allowed to wear watches to school, but we would strongly discourage children wearing expensive watches, smart watches or fitness trackers to school in case they get damaged or lost. The school does not take responsibility for the damage or loss of these items.



No extreme haircuts are allowed eg fully shaved heads, dyeing in unnatural colours, tracking with logos and spiking of hair is not permitted. 


Top tips for parents on uniforms:

 • Ensure all items are labelled clearly.  

• Some uniform providers sell brown rain coats and fleeces. However, these are not compulsory and children may wear their own coats, hats (both summer and winter), scarves & gloves.  

• Although available on some items of clothing, the school crest is not a requirement. • Velcro on shoes makes easier dressing.

 • Five or six shirts are a good idea as they get pretty messy. This gives you one for every day plus a clean one ready for Monday.

 • Zips on the dresses makes dressing easier.

 • Uniforms can be purchased from Fletcher Sports, Marks and Spencer (brown trousers are normally not on display but available),  Game Changers and Next (to name a few), or online.